Construction Worker
Minion worker









Heat Generated:

Unknown points

Trains into:

Valet, Guard, Technician

Trained from:


Construction Workers are the most basic type of Minions and are can be trained in the fields of Social, Military, or Science to become Valets, Technicians or Guards.

Overview Edit

Despite being the lowest tier of minions, they are the only minions capable of constructing new rooms and building new objects.

You shouldn't worry about their safety too much. They are expendable, and new recruits can always be found. In the Minion Management screen, you can acquire these minions one at a time at regular intervals that you set up, at a cost of a certain amount of money every time one is generated.

They also possess basic combat abilities, making them useful as cannon fodder. Construction Workers will attack any character tagged to be killed or captured, and will also attack any character who attacks them.

If an Armory is built, and a Gun Rack has been placed, Construction Workers can arm themselves with pistols when the base is placed on yellow or red alert.

Gallery Edit

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