Evil Genius 2 is a single player real-time strategy and simulation video game developed and published by Rebellion Developments.

This is the first sequel to the original game done in the same genre. It will be sold at regular prices and will be a complete game in the vein of the original, rather than a free-to-play model or something similar. Whether DLC or cosmetics will be involved in the game scheme is unknown, but seems a likely possibility.

While there was and remains no specific release date, the developers have confirmed that the COVID-19 pandemic has forced them to delay the game to early 2021.

Details So Far[edit | edit source]

Evil Genius 2 will be the same overall genre of spy-fi Bond Villain base-building as the original Evil Genius, and many conceptual elements are the same. You have an island with an evil lair that you must build and furnish, a cover operation that you can invest in, and indirectly controlled Minions and semi-directly controlled Henchmen who you can send out into the world to commit villainous acts.

However, many elements are different. What we know so far:

Story and Setting[edit | edit source]

  • Evil Genius 2 is confirmed to be a sequel to Evil Genius 1, in-game as well as outside of it. EG1 took place at least a decade prior to EG2, and did in fact result in a supervillain conquering the world. Who, we don't know, but we do know it wasn't Maximilian. Unknown events since then have resulted in the villain's control falling apart and the Forces of Justice reasserting themselves in control, which has also produced a large number of independent criminal empires worldwide.
  • Red Ivan was involved in the first evil world takeover, and was granted his own country, Ivania, for his role. In the time since he has lost control of it--possibly forced out by the Forces of Justice, certainly if you ask him--and now seeks to conquer the world as revenge for this great injustice.
  • The new Genius, Emma, was a Spymaster during the events of Evil Genius 1, and became embittered and jaded when the Evil Organization repeatedly bested her.
  • Apart from Red Ivan, the henchmen Eli Barracuda and Jubei were also confirmed to have been active in the events of Evil Genius 1.

Visuals[edit | edit source]

  • The overall art style has changed significantly, though it remains overall true to the cartoony, cel-shaded Bond Villain Evil of Evil Genius 1. The new art style can be seen in the Gallery, and appears to emphasize the "cartoony" aspect of the visuals while also having a unified, sleek, plastic look. In this writer's opinion, it looks better than before, but this is partially due EG2 clearly having an actual budget as opposed to EG1 being a passion project with budget shortfalls.
  • The overall theme of "Bond Villain" and what the team dubs as "spy-fi" has been preserved aesthetically, with the styling and general technology level being equivalent to the late 1960s and thus the height of James Bond movies. Some exceptions to this time framing exist, such as the presence of fairly advanced-looking Video Games as a stress relief/staff room Object (at least in concept renders), but EG1's Arcade Machine was similarly anachronistic by at least a decade, and technology that wildly outstrips contemporary society is a staple of the genre.
  • The grid system remains, and new object designs generally appear to be more heavily visually coded in terms of what space they take up.
  • Rooms are color-coded by role as in the first game; however, some furniture objects appear to have been more heavily matched to their room's color-coding scheme.
  • The World Map is highly different--while little has been shown of the enemy Agencies or its functionality, the World Map is now an actual sphere as opposed to a flat projection, and has stylized terrain depicted on its landmasses.

Geniuses[edit | edit source]

  • Of the three Evil Geniuses from the first game, only Maximilian returns as a Genius in the second game, with Alexis and Shen Yu being absent. Joining him as Geniuses are one familiar face and two new ones. The familiar face is Red Ivan, who has graduated from being a mere Henchman to becoming a proper Genius himself (while also, apparently, losing his left eye and either a hand or a whole arm, which has been replaced with a metal prosthetic). The two new Geniuses are Emma (Blue) and Zalika (Green).
  • Geniuses are much more mechanically different than in the original game. Each Genius now has their own "style" of play, though details on this are still coming in. Maximilian, befitting his star status, is an all-around Evil Genius. Red Ivan is a much more military-centric character and will emphasize using Muscle Minions. General themes for the two new Geniuses are also known, though not specifics--Zalika is focused on Science, and Emma specializes in Deception. Along with this, each Genius now has a campaign personalized to them, as opposed to all using the same schemes with limited variation via Henchmen and Doomsday Device.
  • Geniuses are also much more engaged than in the original game. Each Genius avatar will have ways to get much more involved in the operations of the base than simply looming around with their aura, assigning construction priority, and occasionally executing someone. Instead of a simple stat-boosting aura, they now feature powerful abilities, and have more elaborate forms of the inherent bonuses the original Geniuses had. It is also implied that all Geniuses CAN participate in combat, though this should always be a last-resort option.
    • Maximilian, having no particular specialty, focuses on having an advanced workforce to cover all possibilities by way of an ability to boost minion training. This allows him both to rapidly gain specialized minions and also recover much faster from a major loss of a minion type.
    • Red Ivan can activate Do It Now! to create an aura of immediate, all-overriding priority around himself. He can use his other ability to pull out his trusted Bazooka, which has gotten a number of upgrades. Ivan will only fire his Bazooka when this ability is used, to ensure player control over the attack and resulting blast. Ivan is also better at combat than any of the other Geniuses--tougher, harder-hitting, etc.--though he is still the Genius and should be surrounded by minions for protection.
    • Emma specializes in handling Henchmen, being a former spymaster, and beating Agents at their own game. Emma's henchmen will be more efficient overall, and it appears that one of her abilities is a "pep talk" which rejuvenates Henchmen to get them back in the fight. This also allows great playstyle versatility for Emma based on which Henchmen you pick.
    • Zalika emphasizes high technology. This allows her to complete research faster than the other Geniuses, and also effects her Lair in some manner, meaning she will require more Science minions on staff to keep up-to-date. She specializes in the use of traps for defense, being able to both unlock and maintain them more cheaply, and has an ability to use nano-drones to instantly repair and extinguish items within an area of effect.

The Lair[edit | edit source]

  • The Lair has changed fairly dramatically. First and foremost, there is no mid-game island switch; players will remain on the island they start with for the entire duration of a game.
  • In addition to this, there are now multiple islands that the player can choose to start on--currently, there are three variants included. It is implied that these are all generally tropical islands (of indeterminate location, of course), but they will have both different layouts and different inherent traits. One island may have a larger Cover Operation, and another may have larger "gold veins" (whatever that means).
  • Probably the biggest change is verticality. The Lair now extends up and possibly down through multiple floors, connected by stairs (elevators seem likely, but have not been explicitly shown so far). This will allow for interactions across floors and dramatically reshape the way lairs are designed, and also increase the amount of relative space inside them.
  • While not hard confirmed yet, the Lair visuals shown so far in footage and video suggest the terrain layout is both more expansive and less oddly-shaped than Evil Genius 1's lair mountains, allowing for larger and cleaner-looking rooms.
  • The Cover Operation is now built into the Lair as its first line of defense, instead of having to be built as a separate, detached operation. Players can choose whether to focus on the Cover Operation or leave it as a bare minimum, but it will be there no matter what, and will always serve as the first line of defense. In terms of rooms and functions, the Cover Operation's prior three rooms of Hotel, Lounge, and Casino appear to have been merged together into one Casino "room" that serves all functions. The Casino also appears to actually be a way to make money now instead of a pure distraction.
  • The method of room-building has been changed somewhat. Rather than instantly blasting the entire room out of the rock with progressively gathered dynamite, Construction Workers now use their Lair-Builder to carve it out one square at a time (but still doing the actual room construction only when the whole thing is dug out). Multiple Workers can work on each project. Whether this means room shapes can be altered without having to blow up and rebuild the entire room is unknown, though it is plausible.

Rooms and Objects[edit | edit source]

  • Myriad new objects have been included, and old ones redesigned. The Fan Trap (replacing the Wind Machine) and the Magnet Trap both appear to pop out of the floor now. The Piranha Tank has been upgraded to Sharks (no frikkin' laser beams, at least not seen yet), and even familiar objects like the Bunk Beds and Lockers in the Barracks have been given an art style update to be more congruous with the overall theme.
  • Traps can now only be placed in Corridors/Hallways. This helps minimize collateral damage, both to your minions and to your furniture in the case of the more... spectacular traps, and increases the importance of Corridors as connecting spaces to keep Agents and combat out of your rooms full of expensive furniture.
  • The conference table appears to have a new purpose of corralling Henchmen in some way, as almost all shots of the conference table have had the Henchmen seated around it.
  • The lair defense system has been extensively overhauled. Rather than speakers, Cameras now send signals to Staging Posts, which are designated areas that Muscle minions will congregate at when not otherwise occupied. These can be manually placed, but one will always be tied to the Armory. The Staging Posts being focused on Muscle suggests that camera alerts will either not alert other minion types at all, or there will be another way to direct them.
  • What appears to be a "guard post" has been seen in the Red Ivan introductory trailer. This is an orange square on the ground next to a wall with a keypad on the wall, in which a Hitman minion is standing "at attention" in a bodyguard pose. This may be a way to order Muscle minions to guard a position, as they would guard Level 4 locked doors in Evil Genius 1.

Minions[edit | edit source]

  • As of the release of the Red Ivan gameplay footage, the Statistics system has been reduced from five colored bars to three. Instead of Health, Loyalty, Smarts, Attention, and Stamina, there are now three categories--Vitality, Smarts, and Morale, which are respectively Red, Yellow, and Green with icons of a heart, an eye, and a star. Exactly how these categories correspond to the first game is unclear at the moment, though the names, symbols, and colors of these statistics are suggestive.
  • The Minion trees have been conceptually reworked, though some details are not yet known. They are still split into three classifications, but now these three are Muscle (Orange), Science (Green), and Deception (Purple). Easy parallels can be drawn with Military/Science/Social from the first game, but Deception/Social appears the most likely to have been altered as the meaning of its name has changed fairly significantly.
  • While the exact details of all the minion upgrade trees are not known, the Deception tree has been revealed and may serve as an object example. Rather than the prior 1-1-2 upgrade structure seen in the Social Minion tree (Valet -> Spin Doctor -> Playboy or Diplomat), the new Deception tree uses a 1-2-1 structure. The Valet returns as the base of the tree, but then branches into either Socialite or Spin Doctor. These two categories can both lead into the ultimate Deception minion, the Counter-Agent.
  • The mechanics and roles of Deception's specialized minions have also changed from EG1's Social ones. With the exception of the Valet's role as support staff and firefighting, Social minions were mostly identical in role excepting the stats their "attack" targeted. Now, the Valet still serves the foundational staff role. The two middle roles, however, differ strongly in their job--the Socialite specializes in drawing Tourist attention, and the Spin Doctor performs the role of "attacking" agents' stats to keep them confused and calm. Finally, the Counter-Agent is highly effective at attacking agents' stats to keep them from performing their missions, and can see through almost any enemy disguise. Their descriptive text suggests they may also be harder for Agents to spot or target.
  • Other minions seen in material have confirmed the return of most of the original Evil Genius' Minions, though their roles have likely changed in the same manner as the Deception minions. Construction Workers have, of course, been confirmed.
    • The full breadth of the Muscle Minion tree has been revealed; based on a screen in the "Fresh Faces and Old Friends" trailer, the Muscle tree follows the same 1-1-2 model as in the basic game. The revamped Guard has been present since the announcement trailer, of course. The Martial Artist and the Mercenary have both been confirmed to return; updated models for both classes can be seen in the Red Ivan introductory trailer, while the Martial Artist is named in the Lair Defense devblog and the Mercenary I.D.ed by its training station in the "Fresh Features and Old Friends" video. Finally, a "Hitman" minion has also been confirmed; while the name and icon evokes the Marksman, the Hitman has been shown not just fighting in melee combat but being at least fairly effective in it. The Guard serves as the base of the tree, leading into the Mercenary, which then leads to both the Martial Artist and Hitman--though the Martial Artist appears to be slightly lower in the tree in some way.
    • While currently given few hard details, the full breadth of the Science Minion tree has also been spotted in the "Fresh Faces and Old Friends" trailer, and the Science tree forms a 1/3 model. The Technician has been split off from the regular Science path entirely, likely to avoid the EG1 situation where all of your Science minions have promoted past Technician while your base crumbles around you. The Biochemist's distinctive bubble-suited look has been given an update for a minion titled the "Biologist" in concept art. Two types of scientist have also been spotted--one with a lab coat and a selection of low-profile headwear such as headbands, and another with a highly distinctive swirly purple helmet, possibly a counterpart to the Quantum Physicist. Finally, the Technician was first implied by the appearance of a very mechanical-repair looking training station alongside other Science trainers, and a familiar-looking apron-and-insulated-gloves outfit, now in fetching green, appears in "Fresh Faces and Old Friends".
  • The training system remains in place; however, minions no longer need someone to directly teach them new roles. The training systems are now able to be run without instructors, though assigning an instructor will significantly speed up the process. Equivalents of the entire Military training equipment chain have been displayed, as well as at least some parts of the Science training chain (including a small station explicitly for repairing equipment that seems highly likely to be the new Technician training station). How the advanced minion types and training equipment are unlocked has not yet been shown.
  • Minions now use an all-in-one tool known as the Lair-Builder 5000 to perform activities such as construction and carrying objects. This puts an end to running to the Depot for dynamite, and may also mean picking up and setting down crates no longer takes what feels like an hour. Footage has confirmed this to also be used for moving Body Bags, and to have direct interactions with some types of equipment.
  • Minions continue to not carry firearms by default--or weapons of any sort. Melee weapons as well as firearms have been seen being picked up from the armory, specifically electrified variants of pistols, assault rifles, and what appears to be a baton and a martial arts staff. Whether these are default variations or not is not yet known. However, the role of some weapons appears to have been changed--Guards now carry pistols instead of rifles, and the assault rifle seems to be the weapon for the Mercenary. What role Construction Workers play in combat defense of the Lair is thus uncertain, though they do appear to scramble to Red Alert alongside the Muscle minions.
  • Whether the same three-level Alert system continues to be used has not been clarified. However, a "Red Alert" mode has been seen in the Red Ivan introductory trailer, with a dramatic visual change (similar in appearance to EG1's low-power state) accompanying a (thankfully much softer) klaxon.
  • Evil, not about to be outdone by "Good", has changed its hiring policies. Minions of all types can be either male or female now, and have significant changes in body type, skin tone, and other visual markers. While still ultimately expendable, the visual distinctions can help remembering which minion somehow managed to punch out the Super-Agent.
  • Minions are implied to now require actual pay for their work, instead of being mechanically volunteers as in EG1.
  • Minions are now much more individualized by way of having mechanically-relevant traits. As examples given, Greedy minions may want higher pay, Impatient ones may rush about (getting to places faster, but also possibly running into traps they should otherwise avoid), Lazy ones may slack or outright doze off on the job, and Ex-Forces of Justice are more likely to spot their concealed former allies.
  • While the last trait may be possible to get on minion recruitment, it has been confirmed that you can in fact recruit members of the Forces of Justice as new, presumably more-advanced minions. This has been confirmed to be possible via Brainwashing, but other methods may also be possible (Diplomat's money suitcase, anyone?).
  • Some Minion traits may influence their choices of promotion and their effectiveness in specialist minion roles. As a given example, a minion with a hobby of Flower Pressing might be bad at Muscle roles but have a knack for Science ones, especially as a Biologist. While this may imply that minions can be directed into specific promotion tracks, it is unlikely--such "middle management" is confirmed to be handled automatically again, and the hypothetical Flower Pressing minion would instead first try for Science jobs, and failing that, any alternatives to promoting into Muscle.
  • Other Minion traits have been mentioned, including: Oblivious, Ice Cream Fan, Book Worm, Cheese Connoisseur, Dedicated, Hay Fever, Homebody, Fear of Needles, Workaholic, and Sweet Tooth. There will also be rare Easter egg traits to find.

Henchmen[edit | edit source]

  • All news thus far indicates that Henchmen are partially unchanged from their role in the first game, in that they are powerful underlings who you can directly control and who will also operate independently if given no commands. They have also been confirmed to have at least two abilities in the vein of the old Henchmen. Beyond this, however, there have been substantial changes to the way Henchmen operate.
  • You can have up to five Henchmen at any one time, though implication suggests that there are many more in any given world and you are not restricted to a limited number of hires as in Evil Genius 1.
  • Henchmen can no longer be simply hired. These are powerful criminals in their own right, and your Genius has to prove to them that they are the top banana in this world of Evil.
  • Henchmen start off as Crime Lords, using a similar but more fleshed-out concept to the initial mission from Evil Genius 1. Each controls their own territory in the world and has their own style of doing things. You can interact with them in a variety of ways, from simply crushing them, to convincing them to assist your cause of evil in their own operations, to attempting to recruit them as Henchmen. To start recruiting them, you have to get the Crime Lord's attention, which varies in the specifics. Some Crime Lords may react to World Map actions, while others might react to Lair actions. Once you manage that, you have to complete three objectives, which have been described as considerable side missions that will represent a serious diversion of resources from your ultimate objective.
  • While "activated", Crime Lords who you are acting in opposition to may behave much like enemy Agencies, except as more rival than diametric foe. As with Nigel "Barking" Ewing, they can arrive at your lair with a goon squad to wreck the place and maybe even, horror of horrors, attack you.
  • Once recruited, Henchmen cannot be sent off of the island to the World Map. However, they will unlock opportunities on the World Map that you can take advantage of, which will seriously shape how you undertake your campaign to world domination.
  • Apart from Red Ivan, who has been promoted, two Henchmen have been confirmed to be returning from the first game. Eli Barracuda does not precisely return, but his son does. Eli Barracuda Jr. is visually highly similar to his old man (if sleeker) and by appearances fulfills the same role as the pistol-slinging, hard-hitting, charming gangster. Eli Jr. is a classic kingpin and will go toe to toe with you as you would expect. When recruited, he comes with style, charm, and a very large gun. His Charm ability sounds very similar to Lord Kane's Smooth Operator, removing all heat and suspicion from a target; his other ability was not named, but significantly increases his deadliness with his revolver.
  • Henchmen somewhat aligned with the Minion subtypes in Evil Genius 1; this is more explicit in Evil Genius 2, and Eli is "proudly" classified as Muscle.
  • Additionally, it was mentioned that Jubei is returning in some capacity, and that "the years have not been kind to him". A henchman that may be him can be seen at the conference table in the Red Ivan introductory trailer--a much older-looking man with unkempt white hair in a topknot, a primarily-orange outfit that vaguely resembles Jubei's EG1 kimono, and a sheathed sword leaning against the table in front of him.
  • It has also been mentioned that other Henchmen are returning, though not how many or which ones.
  • Multiple new henchmen have been seen but most are not extensively detailed yet. This includes a female-designed robot dressed like Jackie Kennedy, a hunter in the same stylistic vein as Colonel Blackheart but with no monkey or missing limbs (and also much slimmer), and a male magician seen dazzling tourists with magical card tricks. There are apparently also other new Henchmen who have not been seen yet.
  • One new Henchman who has been elaborated on is Full Metal Jackie. A former Australian air force pilot who holds huge sway in the arms trade, Jackie is described as moving around the world to follow conflicts that form business opportunities, and will have to be engaged along those lines--though she knows perfectly well that your Doomsday Device is by far the biggest gun in the room. Jackie as a Henchman seems to fulfill a similar role as Red Ivan did, in terms of combat, being armed with a grenade launcher and having one of her abilities, the fire-slinging Fire Sale, be explicitly described as potentially causing collateral damage. However, only this ability has collateral specifically called out; while still explosive AOE, Jackie may be somewhat more controlled than Ivan was. Her other ability, Hand Guns, very literally hands guns out to minions around her, allowing them to be instantly armed--extremely useful when a situation has already started before you tell your minions to arm up.

"Justice"[edit | edit source]

  • There appear to still be five major factions controlling the globe. While the same color schemes have been observed, and some are in the same places (P.A.T.R.I.O.T. blue in North America, A.N.V.I.L. orange in East Asia), some areas have been highly rearranged (S.A.B.R.E.'s green moved to Africa, S.M.A.S.H.'s yellow now exclusively in Latin America, H.A.M.M.E.R. red now covering all of Europe including Britain). This was displayed in the earliest announcement trailer, however, so it is likely these are not actual.
  • One possibility comes from the shots of the World Map shown so far, where only small areas were colored in Agency colors and the rest were uncolored terrain. It may be possible thus that the Agencies will also expand over and control the globe over time, with no guaranteed borders, though at this stage nothing is certain.

Enemy Agents are back, and have been greatly visually and somewhat mechanically changed.

  • The basic Agent is now known as the Investigator, and three models for this Agent have been seen--a woman in a classic detective/explorer outfit complete with fedora, waistcoat, and revolver shown in the Announcement Trailer, a man in a trenchcoat with a bandana mask and a big American flag plastered on his chest in the Gameplay Trailer (and a magnifying glass in art in a later video), and a very brief shot of a man in a suit and bowler hat who looks very much like the first game's S.A.B.R.E. Agent, getting punched to the moon by a Hitman in the Gameplay Trailer.
  • Investigators are now exclusively focused on their supposed role from the first game--get in, find evidence and targets, and get out to report them back so "Justice" can send much scarier stuff at you. They can defend themselves if attacked but will not attack first or steal things.
  • "Agents" can now disguise themselves to make it harder to spot them as they infiltrate your base. Whether this is Investigator-only or can also be done by other types of Agents is somewhat unclear, hence the quotation marks. These disguises can range from "obvious to you but enough to fool your stupid minions", to "genuinely difficult to identify as a disguised Agent".
  • What is clearly a Soldier has been seen in the Gameplay Trailer. In addition, a character with a black beanie, goggles, an infiltration outfit and a bandolier of climbing rope has been seen, but this could be either a Burglar or Saboteur equivalent.
  • Artwork of a large number of Forces of Justice members has been seen but with no clarification as to who or what they are. This included both the female and American male Investigators mentioned earlier, but also includes a man in a full-face balaclava and some kind of body armor, a burly Soviet woman holding a giant bomb on her shoulder, a huge man in what appears to be a luchador three-piece suit with huge skull belt buckle, a vaguely (but also distinctly not, in a camoflauge way) maid-aestheticed woman with some kind of goggles holding a diamond and a pearl necklace (likely a Burglar), and a traditionally styled Soldier complete with brimmed helmet.
  • The burly woman and the luchador seem like excellent candidates for Super-Agents, and it has been indeed confirmed that Super-Agents are returning in Evil Genius 2. Comments also seem to confirm that the luchador is a Super-Agent, but it has not been confirmed if any of the first game's Super-Agents are returning--or indeed how many there are. Elements from the first game are present in their design; Super-Agents are extremely powerful and roughly equivalent to your Henchmen in their role compared to normal Agents, and requiring you to discover their secret weakness to be rid of them for good. However, they also sound slightly changed from the original, being described as "mini boss-fights", which hopefully means that however nastier they might be, at least you might not have to fight more than one at the same time! (The luchador can also be briefly seen in the gameplay trailer standing at a slot machine.)

EVIL![edit | edit source]

  • The World Domination mechanics have been overhauled, but are largely familiar. Minions sent out to a new region will form a Criminal Network, which performs similar functions to Scheming and possibly also Stealing. Minions build up the Networks, which reveal more and better Schemes to engage in. Completing these Schemes will eventually draw the attention of the region's local "Good Guys", as with the Heat mechanic.
    • However, how this will interact with the Criminal Empires related to the new Henchmen mechanics is also unclear. It may be possible that, at least early on, those criminals may count as the local "Good Guys"
  • Though the parallels to Evil Genius 1's Acts of Infamy are clear, Schemes have some known differences--specifically, the language suggests they will not be fixed in appearance. Acts of Infamy always appeared in the same places with the same unlock conditions, and the dev post in question says that the new World Domination mode will create many "different scenarios". This suggests some degree of randomization, and at the very least definitely some variation.
  • Stealing gold and other forms of cash has been confirmed to return as your primary source of income, though the new Criminal Network mechanics may mean it has been implemented differently.
  • Loot returns from Evil Genius 1, both in the form of familiar items and entirely new ones. Loot is stolen from around the world Minions have also been seen gathering around at least one loot item as in the past game, elaborated below.
    • Excalibur has been shown and confirmed to be returning from the prior game. A Construction Worker has also been shown pulling the sword out of the stone, though whether this means anything or not is unclear.
    • The example provided for a new loot item is the Dodo, which is a dodo bird with a mortarboard hat and lecture stand inside of a protective glass enclosure. Highly intelligent, as one would have to be to survive this long, the Dodo serves as a Science trainer--Minions are able to study the Dodo and then skill up in Science traits faster. Minions in a screenshot are seen standing around it in the same manner as loot items in EG1, but it is unclear if the Dodo produces a similar aura as it doesn't appear to be placed in a Laboratory or Training Room in either screenshot it appears in.
    • Additionally, Lady Liberty's Torch was mentioned by name as a (potential?) loot item, with no other details provided.
  • The Doomsday Device has been confirmed to return as your ultimate objective, or at least a major part of it. As in EG1, your island features a specific space for its construction, and each Evil Genius is confirmed to have their own personal Doomsday Device. No specifics beyond that have been revealed, though Maximilian's device has been seen multiple times, and appears to have a molten core and possibly be solar-related.
  • As mentioned earlier, myriads of traps and nasty devices can be deployed throughout your lair, and there are new ways to deal with the Forces of Justice, such as brainwashing ones who particularly impress you to serve you.

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