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The Forces of Justice, better known as the Global Defense Alliances, are an assortment of government counter-terrorist agencies under whose control the world is split over several territories and are the main enemies in the games.

They will attempt to thwart your evil plans of world domination. Each agency has their own Super Agent, each one will be thorn in the Evil Genius' side until they can find their weakness and get rid of them… permanently.


Any Acts of Infamy carried out within a region on the World Map, and even the mere presence of minions will increase the level of notice of the alliance that controls it, triggering a proportionate response. The alliances with the highest levels of Heat will send their most skilled forces.

Agents, appearing on their own or in groups, are divided according to their roles:

After the completion of Objective 7 - Global Chaos, the world alliances will not trust each other anymore thanks to your organization planting its own diplomats in their governments. Agents from different agencies will attack each other if they find each other on your island, which makes dealing with them a little easier.

List of Forces of Justice[]