Forging Ahead is an Act of Infamy that can be found in The Indian Subcontinent.


This Act of Infamy is available at the start of the game, requiring no Plotting to uncover.

Mission BriefEdit

"Bruce 'The Dingo' McGraw is a master forger currently languishing in prison. His skill can't be faulted, but his common sense leaves something to be desired - he was only caught because he tried to spend his forged money before the ink had dried. Prison security is relatively lax, so a breakout shouldn't be difficult, and freeing McGraw will be an effective two-fingered salute to the S.A.B.R.E. agents that caught him."

Resources RequiredEdit

This Act requires three workers. It has a Risk level of 1, and a time limit of thirty seconds. Once completed it will generate 10 Heat with the alliance that owns the Region and provide 5 notoriety.