Gun Racks are Armory objects that store firearms for Minions.


When a yellow or red alert is called, minions will grab weapons they can use off of any gun racks. Marksmen and Martial Artists do not need gun racks. The former always carry their sniper rifles and the latter never use firearms.

Unless otherwise stated, each rack contains enough weapons to arm ten Minions, making them more formidable in combat. Different types of gun racks serve different minion types.

Handgun CabinetEdit

The handgun rack is used for Construction Workers.

Rifle CabinetEdit

The rifle rack is used by Guards.

Heavy Rifle CabinetEdit

The heavy Rifle rack is used by Mercenaries.


Mercenaries can also use a flamethrower. Unlike other racks, flamethrowers only equip one minion. Mercenaries seem more likely to opt for a heavy rifle, first.