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Henchmen are the strongest and most loyal subordinates.


The Henchmen are the most powerful instruments in your arsenal and they take direct orders from you; Due to their second-in-commmand position, they are above performing menial tasks like building rooms or moving body bags.

You will start the game with one henchman, but more will seek to join your evil empire as your notoriety grows through special Acts of Infamy, where you can find and recruit new henchmen from a variety of locations by dispatching Minions in search of talent; From warzones for displaced generals, to scouring universities for insane scientists, or launching prison breaks to free captured henchmen.

Being the most powerful weapons in the player's arsenal, they can deal and withstand more damage than even your Military minions. In addition to their standard attacks, all Henchmen have three special abilities. One of them is the "Gather Minions" skill, which will rally nearby minions and have them follow that henchman for a short period of time; this skill depends on the kind of henchman that uses the skill: The starter Henchmen, Jubei, Eli Barracuda or Lord Kane will attract all minions in their vicinity. While others, like Montezuma, with his mind-affecting kinds of abilities, will attract only Construction Workers and Social minions. The other two abilities are unlocked by the accumulation of experience points, which is gained by killing agents or having them participate in successful Acts of Infamy.

​​​​​​Much like Super Agents, they cannot be killed normally as they'll only be rendered unconscious and a Social Minion will attempt to carry them to the Barracks. The only way for a Henchman to be truly killed is from a Super Agent who reduces their health below 20% or are defeated in a single fight. Once all three of their lives are lost, they're lost forever.

Starting Henchmen[]

75 Notoriety[]

175 Notoriety[]

225 Notoriety[]

300 Notoriety[]

360 Notoriety[]

400 Notoriety[]

Extra Information[]

  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 Colonel Blackheart is available in the World Domination Starter Kit (preinstalled in GOG.com's distribution)
  2. 2.0 2.1 2.2 2.3 Red Ivan will carry a bazooka and potentially blow up your base and kill your minions
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