The Hotel is the only outdoor building available in the game, aside from the Topside Shack.

Overview Edit

This place can be located anywhere on the island, although certain patches of built up foliage cannot be built on. The hotel itself consists of a Hotel Hub, which is the main entrance to your hotel complex, and an option to expand in the Hotel Wing, which attaches onto the side of your Hub.

Three rooms can be built within your Hotel: the Hotel Lobby, Hotel Lounge, and Hotel Casino. The main purpose of the hotel is to keep tourists happy and busy, attracting them to the hotel and preventing them from stumbling into your secret base. A secondary purpose is to entertain Agents, who will act like tourists if their Loyalty is reduced to zero. However, agents in a particularly bad mood won’t hesitate to cause havoc in your hotels, reducing it to a pile of smoking rubble before your minions can secure them.

Many hotel items need to be staffed by Social Minions. If aggressive agents attack the hotel it is always handy to have a fire extinguisher nearby for the valets to use. A topside shack with a corridor inside is a good solution.

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