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Were you looking for the John Steeles from Evil Genius 2?

John Steele is a S.A.B.R.E. Super Agent who behaves like a saboteur and investigator. He appears when the Evil Genius has achieved a notoriety of 340.


John Steele is arguably the world's finest secret agent. Charming and urbane, his methods are many, all of them equally sophisticated and very deadly. His commendations and decorations are too many to mention here, but over the last decade in service of S.A.B.R.E. he has foiled plots ranging from using robot-controlled sharks to deliver deadly toxins, to halting nefarious schemes by mad industrialists to build secret bases on the Moon. Often the first sign of his approach is an empty cocktail glass at the bar of the nearby Casino, by which time it is far, far too late.


John Steele will behave as all of a Soldier, Saboteur, Investigator and Burglar. He is capable of mowing down minions with ease, and will attack (and often kill before they get the chance to react) Military Minions on sight as well as Social Minions.

His special ability allows him to 'hack' your base - causing items throughout your base to blow up, catch fire, set all doors to level 1, and sending the base alert function into chaos. It is important to note that he will only be able to activate this ability (and will do so at the first opportunity he gets) if he manages to set foot in an actual room of your base or in a Topside Shack, i.e. the Corridor or in a Hotel room. In other words, he won't be able to activate his ability so long as he remains outdoors.

Special Ability[]

Base Mayhem: John Steele makes many preparations before infiltrating an evil lair: systems are hacked into, charges are set, all timed to confuse and befuddle while Steele slips into the Inner Sanctum unnoticed.


There is no optional objective for removing him, meaning that you can't get rid of him. However, if you set off your Doomsday Device at the end of the game and you have him in a holding cell, the player will be treated to a cutscene showing Steele being blasted off with your rocket into oblivion.


As durable as John Steele is, a large amount of military minions can easily dispose of him. His melee ability is lacking, and does not do merely as much damage as his pistol does. A well armed team of mercenary's, marksmen, and martial artist can take him down fast before he can cause too much damage. Martial artist can distract him while Marksmen take him out from afar. Another strategy is to use Lord Kane's smooth operator ability to prevent him from attacking. During this time he is completely helpless as your minions knock him out.

It is important to take John Steele out before his is allowed to enter the base, hotel, or topside shack. Once he is inside he will activate base chaos the first moment he can. This is evident as he opens a floor panel and hacks a motherboard on the ground. If he is allowed to, have plenty of fire extinguishers and technicians available. Be sure to set all doors in the base back to their proper level afterwards.


  • 3 Notoriety is awarded by gloating.
  • John Steele is likely a reference to James Bond, a character with very similar traits. This is supported by the name of the mission to undermine him in Evil Genius 2: "An Unbreakable Bond".
  • At 120, John Steele has the highest health of all Super Agents.