Objective 3 - Better Living Through Chemistry is a storyline mission in the game.

Overview Edit

This introduces the concept of Research to the player. The third series of objectives will show you what you need to build a laboratory for your Science Minions to develop new items, using a stolen research machine and one piece of experimental apparatus. You will also need to build a fake research machine to leave for agents of the Forces of Justice to steal back.


  • Our technicians have received word that a brand new Research Machine is in development - this equipment would let us develop new technologies. The scientists who came up with the machine are showing it off at the Brilliant Boffin's Bazaar (or B3) in Tokyo next week. This is an excellent opportunity to steal the machine and kick-start the evil research program.
  • Build a Laboratory and start a research program. You'll need at least one Research Machine to analyze samples, a Databank to store relevant information, and at least one piece of research apparatus with which to perform the actual experiments. A technology exhibition is currently underway in Japan - it might be a good idea to attend.
  • The laboratory needs at least one piece of Experimental Apparatus before you can start ordering experiments. Steal either the Centrifuge, Impact Stress Analyzer or Laser, then research some new stuff.