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Personal Bodyguard profile

Personal Bodyguards are characters that stay close to the Evil Genius.


If your Notoriety has increased enough, you will attract the attention of glamorous personal bodyguards, as they are lured by your wealth and opulence. These sycophantic heavies will follow your Evil Genius everywhere and spend their time primping and pampering him or her, clap when they crack jokes no matter how poor, and attack anyone who tries to harm them.

The first one will arrive at 105 notoriety, and the second at 365 notoriety. Once dead, these bodyguards will not return. Body guards will not try and use facilities to replenish damage on their own. The only way to have them healed is with any loot item that provides healing, or switching islands.

  • Tamara (105 Notoriety, Maximilian and Shen Yu only)
  • Bob (105 Notoriety, Alexis only)
  • Jerri (365 Notoriety, Maximilian and Shen Yu only)

Military Guard / Mercenary / Marksman / Martial Artist
Science Technician / Scientist / Quantum Physicist / Biochemist
Social Valet / Spindoctor / Diplomat / Playboy
Other Construction Worker / Personal Bodyguards / Freaks
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