Research process 1

The research screen

Research enables your scientists to develop new and more useful objects for your organization.


The evil research program, aided by your team of qualified Science Minions, allows them to use advanced scientific equipment to develop new objects and evil technology the likes of which that is far beyond ordinary science for your evil organization, like electrical charge cannons, man-eating plants, cloning machines, shrink rays, making gold with alchemy, producing freak monsters under your control, super weapons, etc.


When you have a Databank and a Research MachineScience Minions with nothing to do will wander around your base, considering everything around them for research. Eventually, they may uncover objects that will yield beneficial results when researched. These are listed as ingredients in the research screen. To carry out research, simply select an ingredient, and one or more pieces of lab apparatus from the screen, then hit the go button. You can use the cash incentive button to remove apparatus that will not result in success, but you do this at the expense of a cash penalty.

This process can only be conducted by Science Minions, and conducted in a laboratory. It's best for the Scientist, Biochemist and Quantum Physicist to do the research. Although a Technician can do research, they are slowest at doing so and their time is better spent repairing objects.

Before you can begin research on something, your science minions must find objects they can do research on. These objects can be regular items or pieces of your stolen loot treasures. After your science minions have documented this item in the databank, you must select the research apparatus (up to three) you want to perform tests on. Once you have done that, your science minions will begin research. If it is successful, you can now purchase the item the research has unlocked. If not, you must try again.

Research GuideEdit

To Get... Use... With... (And)... (And)...
Schematics Station Antique Cannon Bio Laser AI
Schematics Station Antique Cannon Bio Laser Green
Schematics Station Antique Cannon Env Ch - -
Stock Market Watchdog Aztec Amulet AI - -
Stock Market Watchdog Aztec Amulet ImpStr Laser Env Ch
Stock Market Watchdog Aztec Amulet ImpStr Laser Green
Venus Man Trap Biochemical Training Worktop AI Cent -
Venus Man Trap Biochemical Training Worktop Env Ch Bio -
Venus Man Trap Biochemical Training Worktop Green - -
Laser Trip Sensor Capacitor Laser - -
Satan's Chimney Chalkboard Cent - -
Nuclear Generator Chalkboard ImpStr - -
Control Station Chalkboard Laser - -
Damned Damsel Chameleon Cloth AI Laser -
Disguised Holding Cell Chameleon Cloth Bio - -
Disguised Rifle Rack Chameleon Cloth Laser - -
Communications Array Codebreaker AI - -
Communications Array Codebreaker ImpStr Cent Env Ch
Communications Array Codebreaker ImpStr Cent Green
Misdirection Trap Communications Array AI Cent -
Gold Enhancer Crown Jewels Cent Bio AI
Gold Enhancer Crown Jewels Cent Bio Green
Gold Enhancer Crown Jewels Env Ch - -
High Density Capacitor Disguised Power Generator Cent Laser -
Camouflaged Base Entrance Doors (normal) Bio - -
Impact-Stress Analyzer Doors (normal) Cent - -
Doors (heavy) Doors (normal) ImpStr - -
Impact-Stress Analyzer Doors (normal) Laser - -
Dreadmill Trap Egg Chair ImpStr Cent Laser
Venus Man Trap Electron Microscope Cent AI -
Explosive Palm Tree Flamethrower Rack Green Laser -
Freak Production Freezer Rack Bio ImpStr Cent
Gas Cage Attention Gas Cage Loyalty Bio ImpStr -
Centrifuge Generator ImpStr - -
Centrifuge Generator Laser - -
Disguised Power Generator Generator Cent - -
Radio Loudspeaker Giant Diamond Green - -
Radio Loudspeaker Giant Diamond ImpStr Laser AI
Radio Loudspeaker Giant Diamond ImpStr Laser Env Ch
Sentry Gun Handgun Cabinet Cent - -
Equipment Storage Rack Heavy Rifle Shooting Range ImpStr - -
Motion Tracker Sensor Heavy Rifle Shooting Range Laser - -
Auto-Surgeon Infirmary Chair Green Bio -
Flamethrower Rack Jetpack Bio Cent AI
Flamethrower Rack Jetpack Bio Cent Env Ch
Flamethrower Rack Jetpack Green - -
Doors (field barrier) Mercury Mirror ImpStr - -
Multimedia Educational Zone Mercury Mirror Laser - -
Saw Blades Trap Mercury Mirror Env Ch ImpStr -
Monkey in a Box Monkey Trap AI Bio -
Egg Chair Multimedia Educational Zone Cent Bio -
Laboratory Bio-Tanks Multimedia Educational Zone Cent ImpStr Laser
Giant Magnet Nuclear Generator Env Ch Cent -
Charge Cannon Trap Nuclear Generator ImpStr Cent Laser
Salad Bar Pete Bog Bio - -
X-Ray Pete Bog Cent - -
Auto-Chef Pete Bog Env Ch Bio -
Cryo-Cubicle Pete Bog Green Cent -
Gas Cage Loyalty Pharmacy Booth Bio - -
Infirmary Chair Pharmacy Booth Laser Bio -
Pit Punisher Trap Pinball Machine ImpStr - -
Flamethrower Rack Prometheus' Revenge Green - -
Brainiac Machine Reading Table Bio - -
Bookcase Reading Table ImpStr - -
Pinball Machine Roulette Table Laser - -
Beehive (all types) Salad Bar Laser Bio -
Prometheus' Revenge Satan's Chimney ImpStr Cent Laser
Laboratory Laser Security Camera Cent - -
Laboratory Laser Security Camera ImpStr - -
Zoom Lens Camera Security Camera Laser - -
Arcade Cabinet Security Desk Laser - -
Death Cubicle Security Holding Cell Cent - -
Disguised Sentry Gun Sentry Gun Laser ImpStr -
Brain Washer Sonic Generator AI ImpStr -
Heavy Duty Loudspeaker Sonic Generator Cent - -
Widescreen TV Sonic Generator ImpStr - -
Money Madness Trap Stock Market Watchdog Env Ch Laser -
Multi Gym Table Tennis Table ImpStr - -
Do Not Press Trap TV Studio Bio - -
Smarts Gas Cage TV Studio ImpStr - -
Big Screen TV Studio Laser - -
Piranha Trap Venus Man Trap Green ImpStr -
Endurance Gas Cage X-Ray ImpStr Cent -
Disguised Security Camera Zoom-Lens Camera Cent Bio -