Evil Genius


Shen Yu


Heat reduction


small area, fast recharge


Lord Kane

Execution style

Knife to shoulder

Shen Yu is one of the three possible choices for the player's Evil Genius character.


Mystical and inscrutable, you are the quixotic super-criminal, turned special agent, turned evil genius. Your powerful global network of conspirators ensures you have hidden influence over the governments of the world.


Shen Yu’s criminal career began on the streets of Hong Kong, and none of his street urchin peers could possibly have predicted that this humble pickpocket would eventually rise to become one of the most powerful criminal masterminds in the world. As a teenager, Shen Yu joined a local Triad gang and quickly rose up the ranks. Despite his rapid elevation, he would never have risen any further were not for a fortuitous encounter with a pair of A.N.V.I.L. agents. Shen Yu was arrested immediately for his multiple homicides. They gave him a simple choice: be an A.N.V.I.L mole, or be executed.

A.N.V.I.L implanted a communication chip inside Shen Yu’s brain so that they could spy on Triad activity, but they underestimated the resources of the Triad. After performing yet more brain surgery on him the Triads were able to reverse the chip wiring access the operating system at A.N.V.I.L. Desperate to avoid more meddling with his grey matter, Shen Yu defected and used his knowledge his chip provided to build his own criminal empire. With advance knowledge of every move A.N.V.I.L. made, he was untouchable, and soon found himself in a position to bid for world domination…

Abilities Edit

Shen Yu’s nefarious international network of spies and conspirators are constantly at work, misdirecting information and gathering intelligence. If you choose Shen Yu, it takes a longer time for agents to sneak onto your island in response to your actions in the game. His starting Henchman is Lord Kane.

He has the smallest aura of influence out of the three character choices, but also has the fastest stat boosting effect. His execution weapon is a knife which he thrusts into the minion that he is killing. Execution of a minion boosts nearby minions’ stats by 7.

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