Social Minions are the first type of advanced minion to come across in the game.


Social Minions will aid your Henchmen and other minions, and can affect enemy agents through various manipulation techniques, by assigning the Weaken tag to enemy characters. When present on the World Domination Screen, they will cover up heat generated by other minions and reduce the total heat incurred by completing Acts of Infamy. Around the island, these minions are also needed to staff the hotel cover operation to keep tourists and some agents from poking their noses in your business.

In the base, if a minion collapses by being overworked, Valets will carry the minion back to the barracks where they can recover. Only Social Minions can use fire extinguishers, they are of limited use in a fight, but their psychological weakening attack distracts enemies and lowers their Attention, making them more likely to fall prey to your traps.

Types of Social MinionsEdit

Military Guard / Mercenary / Marksman / Martial Artist
Science Technician / Scientist / Quantum Physicist / Biochemist
Social Valet / Spindoctor / Diplomat / Playboy
Other Construction Worker / Personal Bodyguards / Freaks
Henchmen Colonel Blackheart / Dr. Neurocide / Eli Barracuda / Jubei / Lord Kane / Moko / The Butcher / The Great Mesmero / The Matron / Montezuma / Red Ivan