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Minion valet.jpg
A valet minion.
Type: Social
Base Health: 40
Obtained From: Maid
Preceded By: Construction Worker
Succeeded By: Spindoctor
World Map Ability: Reduces Heat from Acts of Infamy (-10 Heat)
Stealing: 0 (Incapable)
Plotting: 0 (Incapable)
Heat Generated: 3
Base Death Chance: 35
Carries Weapon? No

Valets are the first tier of Social Minions. They are obtained from interrogating the Maid.

They are capable of weakening characters tagged with the Weaken tag. They will brush down the targeted character and lower their Attention stat.

Valets are also charged with making sure that the day to day operations of your base run smoothly. They are the only minion capable of using fire extinguishers to put out fires, and like other social minions also have the ability to transport incapacitated minions to the nearest barracks to recover their endurance. They, along with other social minions, are capable of manning hotel objects in order to occupy and entertain tourists.


  • Valets can assist with building new objects, though they can not build new rooms. Interestingly, no other social minion is capable of building objects.

World Map[]

  • Conceals the heat of other minions.
  • Conceals the heat of Acts of Infamy.
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